Traumfaenger basteln 14

DIY: dream catcher made of iron beads

Traumfaenger basteln 14

I love doing crafts! That has always been the case and will probably never change. I particularly like to make things that are useful, great for gifts, or that are really nice decorative accessories on your own four walls. The latter applies to Iron Bead Dream Catcher to. Your kids can help wonderfully with crafts, so it’s all basically a real parent-child craft project. You make the dream catcher, your children glue the iron bead motifs. =)

Now I will tell you how it all works, and I hope I can inspire you to recreate this way! If that’s the case, I’d definitely be very happy to receive photos of your individual and custom artwork.

Make dream catcher 9

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Iron Bead Dreamcatcher

You need:

  • Iron on beads
  • a square and round plug-in plate
  • beautiful ribbons (e.g. fabric ribbons, gift ribbons, etc.)
  • a wooden or metal ring
  • Different colors of wool

Make dreamcatcher 1

Make dream catchers 2

This is how you do it:

1.) First wrap the wood or metal ring with the wool. Make sure you don’t use wool that is too fine, so that the wool “covers” well when wrapping. Change the color of the yarn from time to time while wrapping, depending on your individual taste.

Make dreamcatcher 6

Make dreamcatcher 7

2.) As soon as you are done, you can put the feathers and iron bead circle on. If you do crafts with your children, they can do the pegging in parallel while you finish the dream catcher.

Tip: With the color of the wool and the iron-on beads, I made sure that everything turned out well and that in the end it had a very specific look. In principle, you can design everything as you want. You can design your dream catcher in bright colors or in black and white, pastel colors or neon colors.

Make dream catchers 3

I simply glued the iron on bead pens diagonally onto the square pegboard and then created a ‘free face’. In the photos you can see quite well how I put it and I also imitate it. But you can also style the feathers differently, for example wider or longer.

I put the circle on a small round plug-in plate.

Make dream catchers 4

3.) As soon as the feathers and the circle are done, you can iron the bead pictures then let them cool.

Make dream catchers 5

4.) Next, give the dreamcatcher its individual look. All you need is a yarn of the color you want.

The dreamcatcher receives the special pattern as follows: Tie the woolen thread at one point on the ring, mentally dividing the ring into five sections. Then go diagonally from the starting point to the next point, wrap the ring there, and continue until you return to the starting point. Then repeat this procedure in exactly the same way, except this time do not tie the woolen thread to the metal ring, but in the middle of the “woolen sections” drawn above. I hope you understand what I mean? Then continue doing this until the dreamcatcher pattern is completely filled. In the image below you can see how it looks.

It is not easy to explain in writing and without sketches, but you will surely find suitable instructions on the Internet. It is definitely not difficult! You just have to make sure to keep the yarn constantly under tension, so that you always pull it hard.

Make dream catcher 8

5.) When you’re done, wrap pretty ribbons around the bottom of your ring, taking a few more than you need to attach the feathers together, because it will look great later on. =)

You place the circle of iron pearls on the dream catcher, so to speak, on the ribbon that is also used to hang it.

Make dream catchers 10


Make dreamcatcher 12

Make dreamcatcher 13

I hope I was able to inspire you!

I’m curious to know how you like our dream catcher and if you will make it yourself!

If so, I wish you lots of fun!

All the best,

your Mari =)

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