Bricolaje: teñir ombré y cortar flequillo: así es como funciona sin peluquero

DIY: dyeing ombré and cutting bangs – this is how it works without a hairdresser

DIY: dyeing ombré and cutting bangs - this is how it works without a hairdresser


wantedon 08/17/2013 | 16:41

Who doesn’t know that, it’s only been a few weeks since you went to the hairdresser when the first unwanted bangs popped over your eyes again. If you don’t want to run like a bobtail from now on, you have to try the art of hairpins or use the scissors yourself. Because sadly your favorite figaro doesn’t always have a date right away. We tell you in a few steps how, with a little practice, you can get acquainted with trendy bangs yourself and even dye your hair ombre on your own.

Step by step towards a self-made look like fresh from the hair salon! Take a chance and help yourself out. We’ll give you valuable tips on how to color the ombré trend and put your pony back on.

Let me do it, I know how!

It has to be somewhere, the craft scissors on which your mother had already written your name on a sticker with calligraphy. Save yourself the trouble of searching and get yourself a decent pair of hairdressing scissors – after all, a painter wouldn’t just pick the wrong color just to finish a piece of art. Make sure not to cut your bangs when it’s wet, as after drying it will shrink again and the result could throw it off the bathroom stool.

She herself is the woman

Make sure to pin the side sections first and if necessary cut an XXL pony only on the bridge of the nose and only then give it the necessary finishing touches. Keep your hair down between your middle and index fingers, keeping a distance from your forehead to avoid accidentally catching some lashes. Always cut your bangs straight from below and watch the hair-thin ends fall out. Also, make sure there is a good transition to the sides or seek help from a friend if your right eye is missing.

Olé ombré

The ombré trend is not over yet and the discolored tips of numerous brown heads are finding more and more followers. After all, the look is always a welcome alternative when it comes to changing up the hairstyle a bit without having to accept full coloring. In addition to commercially available bleach, some manufacturers already offer ready-to-use ombré kits that help you create the look in your own bathroom in no time. If you only have one length of bob hair, you have an easy game here, because with the included brush you just have to comb through the finished mixture evenly. You should always start from the back and decide in advance how high you want to start with the ombré look.

Make or DIY

It gets a bit more complicated with long hair. Here it is advisable to divide the hair in half up to the nape of the neck and also leave it on the shoulders. Make sure to put on a towel beforehand to protect your clothes. Again, comb the finished mixture evenly at the ends and also start with the hair at the nape of the neck. Pay special attention to a smooth transition in the front area and experience a sun-kissing appearance after rinsing, but in this case, you could confidently save your vacation pay! Check!

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