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The fascination of monster trucks! Kids love huge vehicles with big tires that can go down ramps and jump over old cars. I think exactly these three points explain the enthusiasm for modified cars, because it is precisely these characteristics that make a monster truck one. Monster Tshock.

The cool monster trucks are now new from Hot wheels. In different styles and optionally with additional sets. But what would a monster truck be without a monster truck arena? Because only ramps, jumps, and obstacles really bring monster trucks to life!

For this reason, I would not only like to introduce you to the big monster trucks, but also inspire you to build or modify your own monster truck field, because it is really quick and easy and only requires a few resources.

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The new Monster Trucks from Hot Wheels

Little kids love monster trucks! Simply because they are so big and because they can be played with in a completely different way than classic vehicles and toy cars. After all, what other car goes down muddy ramps and jumps over a line of cars? What other car has such big tires and such an individual, crazy and monstrous look?

And one more thing: by the way, girls find monster trucks as fascinating as boys! =)

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The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are new. They are available in different designs and optionally with different play sets. Be it the mega jump blaster or the cool shark arena!

You can see the mega jump blaster in our pictures in the middle of our sand built by ourselves. If the starter lever is hit, the monster truck runs off, shoots up and makes sure that the small vehicles that are placed in advance on the vertical plane at the end of the route are thrown into the air.

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DIY: build a Monster Truck Arena yourself

If you like crafting and want to make your kid happy, you should definitely try building your own Monster Truck Arena. It is not difficult at all and requires little material, so it costs almost nothing. And best of all: you can design your sand individually and even determine the size yourself!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 4

Our Monster Truck Arena consists of a thin pressed cardboard as a base plate, the rest of old cardboard pieces. We painted everything with simple water-based paints and glued it together with tape and a hot glue gun.

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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 2

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If you want, you can use many other materials when designing. Take a look at your home! Maybe you have old toy car tires that you can integrate into your field? Maybe a piece of artificial grass or scattered grass (from the model building)? Maybe a couple of little round pieces of wood for a hunchback stretch? Or some pebbles?

There are no limits to your imagination here either!

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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 9

Tips for building a Monster Truck Arena

1.) Please use a stable base plate, be it thick cardboard, pressboard or wood.

2.) Design various obstacles and make sure they are wide enough and easily passable for monster trucks.

3.) Glue the ramps and obstacles from the inside so that the tape is not visible and the various elements can be painted well later.

4.) Attach the finished obstacles to the motherboard with hot glue.

5.) Paint the obstacles in the same colors. Also, be sure to paint the circuit so it looks like it’s been used a lot.

6.) You also use cardboard for gangs. If you want, you can paste funny advertising inside the gang or paint it too.

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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 6

I wish you lots of fun making crafts and especially playing with your children afterwards!

Also be sure to check the Youtube channel by Hot Wheels um – for a better description of the new Monster Trucks and corresponding play sets! Also a visit to Hot Wheels Instagram Page I would like to recommend you at this time. Have fun browsing!

And don’t forget ours Facebook raffle to participate!

I look forward to your participation, your comments and the photos of your self-made Monster Truck Arenas!

All the best,

your Mari =)

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