Kinderbuch DIY


Kinderbuch DIY

More than five years ago I shared with you our idea of ​​how to make your own personal children’s books quickly and easily. And as if it were yesterday, I still remember how enthusiastic I was and how many of you then also implemented such a book. At that point I showed them which books we designed for Lilli and Lotte. Tom wasn’t there yet. So he didn’t have his own children’s book yet. We finally wanted to change that, and therefore decided not to put off this DIY project any longer.

It eventually became the story of the little bulldozer who didn’t want to clean up. Tom himself decided which favorite stuffed animals to play in the book. We also think about history together. It’s so much fun designing a book like this! I think it is also a great gift idea for a christening or next birthday. =)

The main focus of our books is the favorite stuffed toy. Back then it was “Schnuffi” with Lotte and “Sally” with Lilli. Tom has several favorite stuffed animals, his stuffed excavator is up to the task.

I hope I can inspire you with this idea again after five years and wish you all lots of fun copying!

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Personal children’s books for Lilli and Lotte

Maybe you would like to take another look at my previous post on the two books by Lilli and Lotte? There are also videos. =)

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-> To the video: “DIY children’s book | Sally has a stomach ache “

-> Watch the video “DIY children’s book | Schnuffi can’t sleep “

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Make a children's book yourself 3

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Lilli and Lotte still love their books to this day. They are examined regularly and sometimes exchanged with each other. They are simply the true favorites on the shelf because they are very personal keepsakes and therefore stir up very personal emotions. Even with Micha and me.

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Tom’s personal children’s book

Tom’s personal children’s book “The Little Digger Doesn’t Want to Clean Up” has now moved in with us. A stuffed excavator and his friends play in it.

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As the title suggests, the book is about the little bulldozer that doesn’t want to clean up. It’s the weekend and the little digger is playing in his room. However, mixed with everything. When his friends ring the doorbell and want to play with him, his mom asks him to clean up a bit first.

But the little digger doesn’t feel like cleaning up and gets challenging. Fortunately, he has great friends who will eventually help him clean up. This makes it much faster and even a little fun. In the end, the friends can play together in peace, and the little digger decides to make sure that the next time there is less chaos among the many games.

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To make such a personal children’s book, all you need is a little creativity and your favorite stuffed animal, your favorite doll or your favorite blanket, a suitable story, some accessories, and a camera. And then you can start!

Then you order everything in the form of a classic photo book. We decided to design the books so that the images on the left and the texts on the right are on a matching colored background.

If designing a “real” photo book is not your thing or if it is too expensive for you, you can of course play with printed photos and a ring binder / binder / notebook. To do this, simply print the photos and text at home or write the text by hand and then paste the photos by hand.

I think it’s really fun to think of a story together and take photos of it! =)

Tom DIY Picture Book 11

Tom DIY Picture Book 9

Tom DIY Picture Book 5

Tom DIY Picture Book 2

And if my kids had their way, many more personal books could follow!

Well who knows? Maybe one day there will be an update for Lilli and Lotte … a book with a current story, for example. We will see. =)

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I am eager for your feedback and am curious which of the three stories you like the most!

Have fun copying!

All the best,

your Mari =)

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