Sushi & Schwangerschaft: Frauenärzte haben dazu eine klare Meinung!

Do I really always have to go without sushi while pregnant?

Sushi & amp;  Schwangerschaft: Frauenärzte haben dazu eine klare Meinung!

Sushi and pregnancy: the consequences can be devastating

Toxoplasmosis and listeriosis are infectious diseases, more precisely food infections, that can be transmitted through raw or underheated fish. Outside of pregnancy, an infection often goes only slightly or even goes unnoticed: In non-pregnant women, a toxoplasmosis infection that has often occurred is only detected with an antibody test.

Listeriosis and toxoplasmosis: possible consequences for your baby

However, during pregnancy, an infection can have dire consequences for the fetus: serious damage, malformations, diseases of the immune system or premature birth. In the worst case, even death in utero. So there are enough reasons to avoid sushi while pregnant.

But these are not the only dangers of sushi during pregnancy: