Nuevas señales del fin de Bixby: Samsung reduce las funciones

Does a lower screen resolution increase battery life? (Video)

New signs of the end of Bixby: Samsung cuts functions

Is there a difference in battery life if the screen resolution is lowered? A test with the Samsung Galaxy S10 + should show it.

With many Android smartphones with so-called 2K displays, the screen resolution can be reduced to a lower level if desired. Samsung has offered this option for a long time. But does it really have an advantage for system performance and battery life if a user drops the resolution, for example, from 1440p (2K) to lower 1080p (Full HD)? This question has also been asked of Phonebuff colleagues. So my colleague took a Samsung Galaxy S10 + and used the current smartphone to test if fewer pixels mean more battery life.

Less resolution means more battery life?

Not only under the microscope does it become apparent that lower resolution definitely results in less sharpness or a significantly rougher image. Everyone must decide for themselves if this is a factor in everyday life. Most of the time the differences are visible but are also quickly forgotten. In the video below the screenshots, we can also see the mentioned battery comparison, which may not be expected.

Video: Comparison of 1440p and 1080p

You wouldn’t necessarily have thought that the end result isn’t really a difference. At least it seems to be the case with the best smartphones and that speaks in favor of optimizing the devices. At least in this example.