¿Me queda bien un pony?  Palabra mágica: ¡forma de cara!

Does a pony look good on me? Magic word: face shape!

Does a pony look good on me?  Magic word: face shape!

New hair style

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, looked at your hair and wondered: Do I like a pony? The question is actually very easy to answer: Yes, you look good! How do we want to know? Because actually all women look good with him. It only matters that it fits the shape of the face. You can find out which pony suits you best here.

I recently joined the pony club. And that in a rather spontaneous action, at home, alone. Do you cut the bangs yourself? Running! Fortunately, it didn’t go wrong when I became familiar with the technique. The result: my face is now adorned with a long fringed model. And I still think it’s cool! Because I found exactly the bangs that fit the shape of my face. Do you want to dare to make the little furry change too? You don’t have to turn it into a daring DIY project like me, you can put yourself in the professional hands of a hairdresser. Surely he can advise you on the correct pony shape. We will help you in advance and tell you which bangs go with which face shape.

Time for something new? A pony can give you a completely new look.

Does a pony look good on me? Clear! Bangs are just a question of type

Hairstyle trends or not, the pony shape should always be chosen to match the type. After all, it should look good and emphasize the right parts of your face instead of looking obsessively modern. The answer to the question “Do I have a pony?” It always depends on the cut chosen. Those variants for classic face shapes would be appropriate for the type:

# Round face

Long, straight bangs that visually lengthen the face are perfect for a round face with no visible edges. Longer side bangs that remove part of most of the face are perfect too. Watch out for rounded ponies that are too short – you can also fluff up your face.

Hit tip: it must end above or below the eyebrows, since the eyebrows must stand out as a natural frame of the face.

# Heart-shaped face

A wide forehead and a pointed chin call for a long pony (!), Which can be a bit frayed to loosen up the forehead area. Overgrown side bangs also look great on a heart-shaped face. Watch out for ponies that are too short – they make the forehead even flatter.

Angular face

Angled contours appear softer and more feminine when the bangs are long and fall sideways towards the face. The fringes are also a good idea again to loosen the haircut on the side of the forehead and hide the distinctive angular contours. So: stay away from straight bangs! The hard, box-shaped symmetry of the face stands out.

# Oval face

Women with narrow and somewhat elongated faces have once again won the hairstyle jackpot. You can let off steam in the pony game because pretty much any shape looks good on them. So feel free to experiment – can it be a short pony that ends in the middle of the forehead? A thin, frayed variant that plays freely around the face on the side? Or voluminous, straight-cut bangs? Let your imagination run wild!

A little tip for women with curly or frizzy hair: if you have bangs, go for a longer and sideways version. A straight face bangs with fluffy waves takes a lot of styling effort so that it doesn’t fly shapeless.

Now that you’ve cut the perfect bangs for your face shape, all that’s missing is a pretty hairstyle! You can see tips on how to style a pony here.:

You see: The only answer to the question “Do I have a pony?” Is if!”. If you want to join the pony club, all you have to do is check which model best suits you and your facial contours. By the way, you could make a fake pony for this first. Fringed, smooth, voluminous, slimmer, at the sides or in the middle of the forehead? Find the perfect style for you! Hairstyles with bangs (bob with bangs, long bob with bangs, pixie cut with bangs, long hair with bangs…) definitely give your face a flattering frame.

Pssst: If you use the scissors yourself… it doesn’t work:

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