¿Bibi quiere despegar como actriz en Estados Unidos?

Does Bibi want to take off as an actress in the United States?

Does Bibi want to take off as an actress in the United States?

Since 6.4. Bibi can be heard as Lily Smurf in the movie “The Smurfs – The Lost Village”. And that’s his second role! We asked her in an interview if she imagined starting as an actress in the United States …

Mädchen.de: A big dream for you and Julian is to move to the United States. Would you like to take the opportunity to try your hand at acting? Or is that not a problem for you?

Bibi: I could definitely imagine myself playing a role in a series or a movie. However, I don’t want to use the United States as a springboard for that. If so, I’d rather start something like this in Germany.

So the race is not the reason. Your fans would certainly be very happy if Bibi could be seen as a whole person and not just with her voice in a movie or series. We’re definitely curious to see what else the YouTube star will surprise us with.

Bibi and Julian emigrate

“Oh yeah, these YouTubers really have a great life.” That’s exactly what we think to ourselves whenever you can jealously see in his videos how they proudly present the huge hotel rooms and the great ocean view. The same thing happened to us when we saw Bibi’s new video, in which she reveals the secret of her travel destination. To date, she hasn’t revealed in any Snap where they were drawn to her, Julian, and Julian’s sister Bianca and why they’ve planned a great trip. It’s no wonder, then, that rumor mill was boiling over with his fans and one thesis after another was being done. Maybe this trip has something to do with bilou? In her latest snapshot, Bibi promised to solve the mystery in her next video. And his fans were not really expecting this information.

Miami or New York: where will they live?

What starts off harmlessly enough with a room tour through the hotel’s INFINITELY BIG suite, eventually turns to horror for all fans of Bibi’s Beauty Palace. Because the YouTuber tells us why they flew back to Miami after just a month: “It’s a big, big dream for Julian and I to move to the United States one day. And we have come a little closer to that dream of emigrating ”. Incredible! No more Bibi who seems so close because she’s in the same country as us? Will they really soon say: Ciao Germany – Hello America? His favorites so far include the cities of New York and Miami, although his new place of residence is likely to be the latter. To get information about what it takes to emigrate, the two are now spending a few days in America. Also, you are celebrating your 8th anniversary as a couple, congratulations right now!