Domenico permanece helado en la discusión con Evelyn

Domenico remains frozen in the discussion with Evelyn

Domenico remains frozen in the discussion with Evelyn

Jungle Camp 2019

We’ve been waiting for this situation since it was officially announced that ex-crazy couple from “Bachelor in Paradise” Domenico de Cicco and Evelyn Burdecki were on “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” I would meet again Now it has finally come to this: there was a first debate! While Evelyn shed many tears, Domenico was anything but understanding.

We remember: from the first episode, “Bachelor in Paradise,” Evelyn and Domenico were one heart and one soul, and they seemed to fit together like a pot and a lid. After the show ended, there was even speculation about a wedding between the two. But then the shock! Domenico has a pregnant girlfriend! Evelyn and Domenico are still arguing over whether he knew about the pregnancy before participating in “BiP.”

The pronunciation: Evelyn is crying, Domenico praises family happiness

On yesterday’s episode of “I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here!” The two former lovebirds met a bit far from the camp and began a first attempt to discuss what had happened. Domenico seemed to want to emphasize that he no longer feels absolutely anything for Evelyn. It seemed somehow without empathy, how he punched his visibly angry ex over and over again in the face, how happy he was now. In the end, he stormed off, while Evelyn was left crying.

You can see the complete “pronunciation” here in the video:

It’s not that we don’t allow Domenico this family happiness, but isn’t it just one more debate about admitting one’s mistakes and listening to the other? Would a face-to-face apology really have been too much to ask? In any case, Domenico made it very clear: he will not wash his dirty clothes in front of the cameras. And Evelyn did not want to see that perhaps it was not the best move to live the pain of separation after the baby was revealed in front of the RTL cameras. So the fronts remain hardened for the moment …

We are curious if there will be a second attempt at enlightenment in the jungle. What do you think of Domenico’s reaction? Did he seem a bit insensitive, like us? Or do you think, like him, that Evelyn knows exactly how to present herself as a victim?