¡Nunca me vuelvas a llamar perra!  Ar *** está bien

Don’t ever call me a bitch again! Ar *** okay

Never call me a bitch again!  Ar *** okay

“You are a real whore again today!” The last time I heard this great phrase was yesterday. And that’s when I was a bit more forceful in favor of a much shorter path to the movies. And I did not enter the thousand detours, my friend wanted to go. The fact: I clearly had the best solution to “How do we get from problem A to B” and I defended it with arguments. That’s why I’m a bitch. Classic.

Grumpy, difficult, bitch? It must be a girl

But why really? Why do we get in trouble right away, girls? It’s time to get to the bottom of it all! Of course the first thing I do is ask Google, maybe there is an answer that brings the aha effect? I’ll find what I’m looking for, even if I’m not really smarter: according to DUDEN, the word “Zicke” has two meanings.

The first is clear. The dear little animal, the goat. But the second definition has to be digested first by my convolutions. By standard German language work, Zicke must be equated with girls and women who are “difficult.” What bothers me? Perversity is said to be an exclusively female trait. Somehow it makes sense if you ask. After all, every study wants to tell us over and over again, to our fellow men and, unfortunately, to ourselves: “Poor thing. Shaken by your hormones. Powered by PMS. Plagued by the pain of men. Or something in between. You really don’t know where to put your feelings. No wonder you let the bitch out. “

Best friends can be annoying too.

Leave the bitch in the stable

It is true that bad hormones have a greater impact on us girls than on dear boys. But the fact that we have a cycle does not make us slaves of biology. We don’t give a shit, no matter what our estrogen level is. Point.

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