Doutzen Kroes: Tu hija es tan linda

Doutzen Kroes: Your daughter is so cute

Doutzen Kroes: Your daughter is so cute

So sweet

wantedon 08/13/2014 | 15:50

Doutzen Kroes is now a mother twice for just two weeks, when the beautiful model shares a sweet first snapshot of little Myllena Mae with her Instagram followers.

Warning, sugar shock! Little Myllena Mae, who saw the light about two weeks ago, is so cute to scream, no wonder with cute mom! Top model Doutzen Kroes apparently couldn’t keep her mother’s happiness to herself anymore and shared a snapshot on Instagram that could hardly be sweeter. In it you can see the Dutch beauty in complete harmony with her little daughter.

Doutzen Kroes shows his daughter

The bundle sleeps peacefully on its mother’s breast and does not mind the selfie attack at all. Doutzen Kroes seems anything but to fit the snapshot: little Myllena Mae probably doesn’t sleep.

Doutzen Kroes in motherhood

However, the new mom of two Doutzen Kroes is apparently in absolute motherhood. “The best feeling in the world! #love ”(in German:“ The best feeling in the world! #Liebe ”) commented the 29-year-old beauty in the first photo of her daughter, which she shared with the public, and the pride of the little person on his chest is absolutely evident. Little Myllena probably got the black mane from her father Sunnery James, and probably inherited the cute looks from her mother Doutzen Kroes.How sweet!!! You can hardly say more about this snapshot. It’s great that Doutzen Kroes has no problem showing off his tired and stylish Instagram followers. Right now there are really more important things, and that’s right on your chest and sleep easy!Image Source: Instagram / Doutzen