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DPD, Hermes and Co: Contactless Delivery Doesn’t Work Reliably

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Parcel couriers really want to deliver unsigned to minimize contact with the recipient. This only works to a limited extent in everyday life.

For a few weeks now, parcel couriers have wanted to minimize contact between courier and recipient. As a first step, the need for a signature was jettisoned. DHL was probably the first to successfully implement the acknowledgment of packages by the company driver. An indirect contact now only occurs through the packet, which however no longer has to be transferred directly. Other couriers responded with similar means, the implementation in everyday life leaves much to be desired.

Parcel service: ignorance or poor communication?

At least that is my experience the last two weeks. Only DHL couriers have managed to meet current requirements. That worked with different drivers. A few days ago I criticized the fact that Hermes remains directly involved finger Had to sign on device screen. The support promised a follow-up training in the relevant district, they wanted to have my tracking number. I still haven’t been able to check if that really worked.

Similar to DPD, the controller complies, as always, and absolutely requires my signature. Interestingly, today I had a package that would fit in the mailbox. The delivery driver ignored two of the new regulations. “As a precautionary measure, the personal receipt when the package is delivered to the door of the private apartment is still suspended until further notice. In addition, small, flat packages that fit in the mailbox can be temporarily deposited there. “

As is often the case, read and listen to different experiences. Positive and negative. Still, I don’t understand how drivers / deliverers don’t implement such a simple part of the daily routine from now on.