Drako GTE: superdeportivo eléctrico con 1200 CV

Drako GTE: electric supercar with 1200 hp

Drako GTE: electric supercar with 1200 hp

Only two figures show where the journey should go with the Drako GTE: 1,200 hp and up to 332 km / h. So the car is a real power pack. Powered by four engines, each rated at 225 kW. One for each bike, and this is underscored by a rather aggressive look. But that’s exactly what sports car fans will love about the electric bullet.

Drako GTE: 90 kWh battery on board

Power is supplied by a liquid-cooled 450-volt battery. It has a capacity of 90 kWh and is centrally integrated into the floor of the vehicle. In the charging station, it can be charged with the 15 kW on-board charger or with a 150 kW fast charger. However, Drako Motors still refrains from providing information on load times or range.

Drako GTE

The Drako GTS offers space for four people. Everyone can enjoy sporty driving comfort in the individual seat shells. As with Tesla, the center console is adorned with a huge touchscreen. This enables all common vehicle functions to be controlled. Driving dynamics, torque distribution and recovery can be set via four classic rotary switches.

Driving test mastered successfully

Now, six months after the official launch, Drako Motors has officially launched its supercar for the first time. Or, more precisely, on the race track. In California, the vehicle was able to explore the Thermal Club route. At the wheel: the well-known Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni.

And he was excited after his excursion: “I have entered a whole new world of incredible power and awesome control.” According to Balboni, the vehicle masters the transitions between curves in a way he didn’t expect. .

A car with a lot of exclusivity

At the moment it is planned that only 25 copies of the model will be built. And with a starting price of around $ 1.25 million, it should also be clear that the cars will appear primarily in Beverly Hills or Dubai in the future. Orders can now be placed and deliveries are scheduled to start in 2020.