A Drew Barrymore no le preocupan los kilos de más

Drew Barrymore doesn’t care about extra pounds

Drew Barrymore doesn't care about extra pounds

Baby pounds

wanted04/30/2015 | 15:50

While many Hollywood women go to great lengths to return to their old figure with the help of personal trainers and nutritionists after the birth of their child, Drew Barrymore leaves these sorts of concerns completely cold. After two pregnancies, the actress doesn’t mind losing her baby pounds as quickly as possible. On the contrary: Drew Barrymore finds the pressure on women simply ridiculous.

Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman have been the parents of two daughters since April 2014. While other famous moms worry about getting back to their old figure as quickly as possible, Drew Barrymore doesn’t worry about this. Rather than experimenting with various diets and wanting to shed more and more pounds, the American actress takes her time to shed the remaining baby pounds.

Drew Barrymore doesn’t fit common beauty fashion

Drew Barrymore takes a very clear stance towards “RadarOnline”: “I think it’s crazy to worry about that. It takes nine months to build that and, at best, nine months to break it down.Drew Barrymore encourages women

Drew Barrymore doesn’t want to give in to the pressures that she and her fellow actors have on her after having a baby. Rather, fully consider the postpartum body and weight discussions. “crazy“Y”ridiculousAs reported to the celebrity magazine. The body needs time to find its way back to its previous form, everything else is absolutely “unnatural“. “It took me over a year and I still haven’t got to where I was before“Drew Barrymore explained in a wonderfully realistic way her previous physical changes after pregnancy.

Drew Barrymore certainly speaks from the hearts of some new moms. The suspicious look at any baby weight is a burden for many women, after all, changing your own body is quite difficult anyway. Drew Barrymore is setting a good example and will not be fooled!Image Source: Getty Images / Rich Polk