Drew Barrymore está de luto por su media hermana

Drew Barrymore is in mourning for his half sister

First statement

wantedon 07/31/2014 | 11:46

Jessica Barrymore would have turned 48 this Thursday, but Drew Barrymore’s half-sister died two days ago. The cause of death has yet to be fully clarified, but now the Hollywood star has commented on her loss for the first time.

Drew Barrymore has been through a lot in her life. Although she did not know her half-sister, who died two days ago, the death of her father’s daughter is likely to be painful for her.

Drew Barrymore is in mourning for his half sister

Jessica Barrymore, found lifeless in a car two days ago, and Drew Barrymore had the same father but different mothers, and thus had rarely seen each other. “Even if we only knew a little, I wish her and her loved ones the greatest peace possible. And I’m very sorry for your loss“The actress announced in an official statement to” Entertainment Tonight “.

Drew Barrymore didn’t know Jessica well

While speculation continues about the cause of Jessica Barrymore’s death, Drew Barrymore is likely to find support during this period with her own small family, her husband Will Kopelman, and her daughters Olive and Frankie. The rather distant statement that Drew Barrymore made about the death of his half sister is not surprisingAfter all, the two women first met in 2006 and haven’t been intimate afterward.

Losing a family member is never easy, even if you haven’t had much contact. Drew Barrymore will be able to count on the support of her own family during this time! We wish everyone involved great strength for the near future.

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