Drew Barrymore solo toma dos minutos en el baño

Drew Barrymore only takes two minutes in the bathroom

Drew Barrymore only takes two minutes in the bathroom

Express beauty

wantedon 10/21/2014 | 15:16

A radiantly beautiful complexion, loose curls, a mischievous smile on her face, and pale apple red cheeks – that’s how we know and love Hollywood star Drew Barrymore. But how does the busy mother of two manage to always look so rested and fresh between son, cone and race? What is Drew Barrymore’s beauty secret?

Drew Barrymore puts on makeup every now and then

Shortly after the birth of her second daughter Frankie, Drew Barrymore outshined all her colleagues with her natural beauty at the theatrical premiere of her movie “Vacation Ready.” For all its naturalness Even a Drew Barrymore doesn’t just get out of bed in the morning! But how does the 39-year-old stay beautiful? It looks like: between the door and the hinge!

Because Drew Barrymore is an advocate for express beauty. The comedy actress needs no more than 120 seconds for her beauty show every morning. As several photos on the Instagram account of the Hollywood beauty show, Drew Barrymore also likes to take concealer, powder, mascara and company.Rolling on the subway!“Drew Barrymore commented on an unusual beauty photo on Instagram. “With @flowerbeauty Roller Concealer, launching in January 2015.” While other Hollywood greats insist on a full crew of stylists and a well-lit boudoir, Drew Barrymore prefers to wear makeup on the subway. It’s all about the right products

Drew Barrymore wears concealer and highlighter

Drew Barrymore puts on makeup on the subway

Apply some concealer and voila! Drew Barrymore also dispenses with Instagram filters of all kinds in her beauty snaps. “Traveler’s beauty. Get in a cab and use my highlighter @flowerbeauty. #UnfilteredThe actress commented on another Instagram beauty photo. Apparently the new brunette needs nothing but concealers and highlighters from her own Flowerbeauty brand to stay gorgeous. In 2013, Drew Barrymore even received the “Beauty Inc. Award” to the best newcomer for her line of cosmetics.. Now, the 39-year-old has the honor of publishing the beauty supplement of “People” magazine. With all her love for cosmetics, it doesn’t take long for Drew Barrymore to put on makeup. “I need… minutes to get ready in the bathroom in the morning. Two minutes! “The beauty expert express revealed to the magazine..

If we become as beautiful with “Flowerbeauty” as Drew Barrymore, the actress’s products will soon end up in our online shopping basket! The best thing about Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic philosophy is that their products are affordable, even on a budget. It’s about time Flowerbeauty is also available in Germany!

Image Sources: Instagram / Drew Barrymore