Drip-Dye-Hair: la tendencia de colores coloridos para los realmente valientes

Drip-Dye-Hair: the colorful color trend for the really brave

Drip-Dye-Hair: the colorful color trend for the really brave

Goodbye rainbow hair!

Are you ready for a rainbow of bright colors in your hair, but unfortunately you don’t have the necessary instinct that it takes to dye rainbow hair? Then “Drip-Dye-Hair” is perfect for you! Because this trend is not only beautiful and brightly colored, it is also suitable for gross motor skills… That means: if you dare!

The “drip dye” technique was invented by American colorist Taylor Rae, who was probably amazed that her daring dye experiment actually yielded a wonderful result in the end.

Because: Instead of splitting strand by strand and coloring them individually with a brush, Taylor Rae gradually tilts the color over the heads of her clients. Hence the name Drip-Dye, which means “drop of dye” in German. Seeing this dangerous dyeing action, we feel a bit dizzy:

This is how the “drip dye” technique works

To get the color to the right consistency, the hairdresser mixes a large stream of water before coloring. The client first receives a mask and then can begin. However, Taylor Rae doesn’t make her color choice completely sloppy: “When it drips, the trick is to choose colors that complement each other,” reveals “Allure,” “this keeps the colors from looking muddy in the end.” After pouring on the hair, the colorist combs the hair once to better distribute the color. Rinse off with ice water and conditioner. – this should help against the fact that the colors are still mixed in the end.

By the way, “drip-dyed” hairs also look great as a plain-colored version:

Are you interested in a new color experiment? So all you have to do now is find a hairdresser who is willing to dare to do it with you. Because gross motor skills or not – These brightly colored dyeing actions are ultimately always best performed by a professional. By the way, visiting the inventor Taylor at her salon is difficult: it is located in Denver, in the US state of Colorado.