"DSDS 2017" nuevamente con programas de lemas en vivo

“DSDS 2017” again with live slogan programs

"DSDS 2017" again with live slogan shows

Back to the roots

In recent years, fans have missed the live tagline shows, but on “DSDS 2017” they are finally back on the show. But that’s not all: more dramatic changes should be on the agenda.

“DSDS 2017” reflects on the good old days. About two years ago, live theme shows disappeared, and more recorded shows were seen in their place. Now is the time to go back to the roots! RTL announced that four live shows are planned for the next season before the last episode, in which viewers can cheer again as before. Oliver Geissen, who recently led the grand final, is moderate.

The broadcaster also stated that viewers can look forward to a “brand new drama” on “DSDS 2017.” The castings will begin on January 4 of next year, then the first episodes will air on Wednesdays and Saturdays in prime time. From the end of January “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” with Dieter Bohlen and Co. will only be available on weekends. Once the first talents are selected, the “most glamorous and surprising memory of all time” is on the agenda.

He stays with “Limitless”

But not everything is new: that is why the motto “No Limits” is maintained so that “the most colorful and craziest candidates” can continue to compete. A brand that is not thrown overboard with “DSDS 2017”. Next year, there will also be a new face in the jury ranks: YouTuber Shirin David is supposed to bring a new air to the show. With its wide following, it should certainly attract a lot of young fans in front of the screens. HP Baxxter, hit icon Michelle and cult pop titan Dieter Bohlen continue to do the honors.

With such an announcement, we look forward to the start of “DSDS 2017” and we can’t wait to get the themed shows live again.

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius