4 secretos de la reina de las compras que nadie conoce

DSDS 6: Germany seeks superstar

4 secrets of the shopping queen that nobody knows


With a super-adjusted 50.47 percent, Daniel Schuhmacher prevailed as the 2009 DSDS winner against Sarah Kreuz. The winning title “Anything but love” It will be in record stores starting May 15. But the finalists were particularly strong in the duo: Dieter Bohlen is now fighting for a DSDS duo single from Sarah and Daniel.


The last three candidates Sarah Kreuz, Daniel Schuhmacher and Annemarie Eilfeld competed against each other under the motto “The best of the best”. In the first round there were number 1 hits on the calendar, in the second round there were ballads in their prime. Despite the performance of the snake, Annemarie Eilfeld did not have enough for the DSDS grand finale on May 9, 2009.

7. Show slogan

“Great cinema and intimate ballads” was the end of the Dominik Büchele swarm of girls – he did not reach the semi-finals of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”

6. Show slogan

“Sun and Rain” was the theme of the sixth slogan program. Benny Kieckhäben was standing in the rain, he didn’t get enough calls.

5. Show slogan

Pop star Vanessa Neigert had to say goodbye on slogan show No. 5 with the song “Current Hits & I Love you.”

4. Show slogan

“Sexy Songs” was the slogan of DSDS’s No. 4 show. “Everybody’s asshole” Annemarie Eilfeld couldn’t convince despite the sexy outfit, but Holger Göpfert was hit by the audience.

3. Motto show

The party in the third program of Germany’s motto is to search for the superstar. Sarah Kreuz received language and hip swing training from Bruce Darnell. In the end, Marc Jentzen had to go.

2. Show slogan

Zoff on the second slogan show in Germany is looking for the superstar: Annemarie was booed by the public because of a hint against Holger, after the show she went after her! Since then, Annemarie has divided the nation: is she really a super bitch or is she a victim of bullying?

1. Show slogan

The ten finalists of Deutschland sucht den Superstar were chosen in an exciting live show! Shortly before the motto’s first show, the drama: Vanessa Civiello announced her departure. Michelle Bowers was promoted and was immediately re-elected.

The casting in Hamburg was fun and moving at the same time: Kim sang for his mother with cancer, and escort boy Klaus upset the jury with a number composed by himself. Everything in the fourth casting in Germany is looking for the superstar.

On the first DSDS broadcast, there was a solid discussion about a candidate. DSDS: The Zoff between Dieter Bohlen and Max von Thun.

On January 21, 2009 the sixth season of “Germany seeks the superstar” in RTL. 31,098 contestants stormed the 15 casting dates across Germany – there have never been so many applicants on DSDS! Pop titan Dieter bohlen: “It is very important for me this season to have personalities. Ordinary people with big voices don’t stand a chance. “

Check the Images of DSDS, the jury and the candidates at Mädchen.de!

Thomas Godoj was the winner of the fifth season of DSDS. His first single was called “Love Is You”, his debut album “Plan A”. On January 3, 2009, Thomas Godoj became a father! Five questions for Thomas Godoj.