4 secretos de la reina de las compras que nadie conoce

DSDS: Benny is out

4 secrets of the shopping queen that nobody knows

it was his devastating trial after his second appearance “Purple Rain”: “It was the Kastelruther sparrows after the bird flu. That was a Smurf version of ‘Purple Rain’. Very scary. You might be more successful in a Linda de Mol knockoff competition. “

Sarah Cross Y Daniel shoemaker on the other hand, they were once again highly praised. Still, Sarah ended up with Bird of Paradise Benny Kieckhäben get ahead of the decision. It wasn’t enough for Benny, for him, Mottoshow No. 6 was his last.

This time he presented an outstanding show Oliver Pocherwho dressed up as Bill Kaulitz “Through the monsoon” croaked. Bohlen didn’t feel like it and left the room during the performance: “I had to urinate, I can hardly say anything”, He said after the performance and received boos from the audience. “It’s no wonder at that age, you have to go out more often at night”, Pocher answered deftly.

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(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius – All the information about “Germany looking for the superstar” in the RTL.de special)