DSDS: En el loft las mujeres tienen sus pantalones puestos

DSDS: In the loft the women have their pants on

DSDS: In the loft the women have their pants on

Women vs. mens

wantedon 04/17/2013 | 12:37

For several weeks now, the “DSDS” candidates have been living together in their loft in a very small space. Storage fever is almost inevitable. There are always frictions, especially between the sexes, in which the majority of the remaining three women are victorious. Are the men of “DSDS” undermined?

Much points to a winning female “DSDS” season this year. Beatrice Egli, Lisa Wohlgemuth and Susan Albers won over more viewers than their male singing partners in Saturday’s duets. Since Tim David Weller left, women are now the majority even in the loftUnder which Ricardo Bielecki and Erwin Kintop, the remaining men in “DSDS,” apparently have to suffer greatly.

DSDS: Ricardo Bielecki causes a riot in the loft

Because in the apartment the candidates live in during their time in “DSDS”, the women clearly have their pants on. Lisa Wohlgemuth, Susan Albers and Beatrice Egli have stated that the girls’ bathroom downstairs is a no-go area for boys. “They are too lazy to go up because they have the bathroom upstairs, but sometimes we are also naked. That’s why they shouldn’t always enter “Beatrice Egli, who is a favorite on “DSDS” with her preference for German hit, explained the unusual move to RTL.

DSDS: Do guys pee standing up?

The remaining girls in “DSDS” seem to be particularly concerned about hygiene. Ricardo Bielecki, who is said to have made a big misstep while brushing his teeth in the girls’ bathroom, is to blame for this. “Oh, just brush your teeth? And then you left the toilet seat open? “he told adolescent in love Erwin Kintop about the incident. But also the dirty dishes of the men seem to get on the nerves of the “DSDS” women. “Cleaning dishes is something like that too, the hardest thing,” said Susan Albers, understandably upset by the boys’ lack of work ethic.

Difficult times are breaking for Ricardo Bielecki and Erwin Kintop with “DSDS”. After losing another male partner in Tim David Weller, the women’s regiment is likely to get even sharper.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Sascha Steinbach