DSDS: Kristof Hering tiene un amigo

DSDS: Kristof Hering has a friend

DSDS: Kristof Hering has a friend

Great love for candidates

Kristof Hering has big plans for “DSDS” and a lot of support.

One or two “DSDS” fans already thought he was gay. And Kristof Hering openly confirmed: “Yes, I am gay.” He was in the top ten, and that’s as a pop singer. Not bad! Now the 23-year-old candidate reported on “DSDS” that he too is taken. As reported by “IN”, he explained that he has not been single for a year and a half. And of course, his friend not only crosses his fingers for Kristof Hering, he also supports him when he’s on stage. He was there at the Top 16 live show, “but I want to keep him out as much as possible.”

Kristof Hering also wants to protect privacy with “DSDS”

As the singer explained, “DSDS” is not primarily about private life, but about the candidates. “We just agreed that I would keep him out and he would either, or keep a low profile,” says Kristof Hering. And of course, her lover wants Kristof to go as far as possible. That is why she supports him not only with words and with her presence on “DSDS”, but also with deeds. “I feel like you’ve called me a thousand times. I always looked at my block of fans from the stage and had the feeling that I was on the cell phone the whole time. Kristof Hering thinks he’s totally cute.

And we think it is also very cute. We’re curious to see how far Kristof Hering will go with “DSDS” – with such energetic support on the side, almost nothing can go wrong, right?

Image source: RTL