4 secretos de la reina de las compras que nadie conoce

DSDS: mass panic

4 secrets of the shopping queen that nobody knows

At 3pm, the dream of many fans should come true. RTL invited at autograph time with the top 6 “DSDS” candidates Ardian Bujupi, Marco Angelini, Pietro Lombari, Sarah Engels, Sebastian Wurth and Zazou Mall in a shopping center in Oberhausen. But at 1 pm the situation escalated: local public transport collapsed. Too many fans flock to the event via the tram route. However, the first sign of imminent danger is ignored.

The Coca-Cola oasis downtown is already fully packed at this point, around 4,000 fans vying for the best seats in the mall. Another 15,000 young people push against the doors in front of the center. The contestants’ autograph hour “Germany is looking for the superstar” is only designed for almost 4,000 visitors and not 20,000. Suddenly, a massive panic breaks out.

Many fans are crushed unconscious or have broken bones. Even the helpers cannot communicate with the wounded. Part of the crowd continues to push for their idols, panicked fans just want to escape – absolute chaos. After 5 minutes DSDS candidates and managers interrupt the autograph session, the situation is too dangerous and unpredictable. Out of disappointment, angry fans throw bottles and chairs. 60 young people are injured, about 30 must be treated in the hospital.

The RTL television station now has to draw conclusions: “Nobody expected almost 20,000 fans. This has never happened before in the history of DSDS. These autograph sessions will no longer be held from now on “said Anke Eickmeyer of RTL.

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