DSDS: Maurice Glover critica el programa de casting

DSDS: Maurice Glover Criticizes Casting Show

DSDS: Maurice Glover Criticizes Casting Show

Is it all fake?

wantedon 04/30/2013 | 10:58

Maurice Glover, 26, had to leave DSDS after the slogan’s second show. Now the former candidate criticizes the casting program!

Maurice Glover posted on Facebook: “IF DSDS IS FALSE? That is the question they ask me the most. “ The former candidate is taking on a prosecution that DSDS has been pursuing since the show began. After all, many viewers wonder if the competition on DSDS is completely real or if there is a hint of spectacle behind it.

DSDS: Are they all shown?

Maurice Glover also posted an image on Facebook showing a black and white drawing. The drawing represents a fight scene in which a person is threatened with a knife. At the same time, everything happens differently behind the monitor and the hunter is actually the hunted on television. With this drawing, Maurice indicates that with DSDS nothing is what it seems to the audience in front of the television. “If that is true with the calls, if I flew because of the discussion with Nora, that I am very nice in real life, very different from television… I do not say anything, because the images say more than a thousand words “, wrote the former DSDS candidate under the puzzling drawing.

DSDS: Is Maurice’s criticism justified?

It is not certain that one can believe Maurice’s subliminal criticism. After all, he himself was expelled from the second slogan show at DSDS. It is nothing new that a casting program like DSDS can use clever cuts and omissions to create a certain image of the candidates. Maurice Glover fans still support the 26-year-old and respond to the singer with the soft voice on Facebook: “You don’t even need DSDS.” It appears that Maurice Glover was still unable to mark his departure from DSDS. If there is something in the subliminal accusations that DSDS does not show the truth, you will probably never find out anyway. You may still be curious if Dieter Bohlen can give the popular casting show some boost for the rest of the season.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Sascha Steinbach