DSDS: Nora Ferjani

DSDS: Nora Ferjani

DSDS: Nora Ferjani

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Nora Ferjani from DSDS

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Last name: Nora ferjaniBirthday: 06/02/1988Place of residence: IserlohnJob: student

Born in Tunisia, Nora Ferjani knows how to combine her Muslim faith with an open worldview. The 24-year-old DSDS candidate is currently studying economics, as well as social and media studies at Siegen. To finance her studies, Nora Ferjani works as a freelance cosmetic consultant, freelance for various brands and certified tutor. The talented beauty also wants to make her dream of the next superstar come true because she was bullied as a child because of her weight: “I’ve always been the ugly duckling.” Now Nora Ferjani proves on DSDS that she can not only sing, but also put on a great show. Its power and energy have even earned Nora Ferjani the nickname “Duracell battery.”

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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