DSDS: Oksana responde contra Sarah

DSDS: Oksana Responds Against Sarah

DSDS: Oksana Responds Against Sarah

Sex rumors

wantedon 03/20/2013 | 11:52

On Saturday, before the first big live show, DSDS ended for candidate Sarah Joelle Jahnel. In the audience that voted for the bottom two spots on the slogan shows, the 23-year-old surprisingly lost to Lisa Wohlgemuth and Simone Mangiapane. Shortly after, the up-and-coming singer let out frustration over her DSDS ending in an interview.

In an interview with “Bild,” Sarah Joelle Jahnel blasphemed about DSDS and revealed that, in her opinion, the casting format was “The largest brothel on German television” be. In addition, the former candidate denounced sexual excesses on the sidelines of filming, which would almost leave behind the musical competition in DSDS.

DSDS: Oksana defends the format

After an RTL spokeswoman already denied Sarah’s reports, a former DSDS colleague, Oksana Kolenitchenko, also commented on the statements and accused Sarah of having concluded with other people. “From what I heard, Sarah shouldn’t have been innocent. At the retreat in Bad Driburg we were in a room and I can definitely say that she was generally not a child of sadness ”, revealed Oksana, who had to finish her time at DSDS in Curaçao, the“ Bild ”.

DSDS: What is behind Sarah’s statements?

Oksana Kolenitchenko, currently seeking happiness in the US, also has an explanation for Sarah’s blasphemous attacks against DSDS. “I’m a bit surprised because it seems like she needs the press after being kicked out. I think it’s a shame because he doesn’t need it at all, ”Oksana said, disappointed by her former colleague at DSDS.

What actually happens to DSDS as soon as the camera is turned off? Since everyone involved contradicts each other, we will probably never find out the whole truth. Maybe it’s better this way …

Image source: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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