DSDS: fuera por Jesse Ritch

DSDS: out for Jesse Ritch

Only two left

wantedthe 04/22/2012 | 12:50

DSDS: After yesterday’s semi-finals, the finalists have been determined: Luca Hänni and Daniele Negroni were able to convince the audience. For Jesse Ritch, the dream of becoming a superstar failed.

Top 3 DSDS Candidates at their joint presentation last night.

In the semi-finals last night, the top 3 DSDS candidates fought for a place in the grand final of “Germany is looking for the superstar”. The two Swiss Jesse Ritch (20) and Luca Hänni (17) as well as the German Daniele Negroni (16) managed to convince the jury and the public of their vote. However, in the end it was only enough for two of the three DSDS candidates for next Saturday’s final: Luca Hänni and Daniele Negroni made it. For Jesse Ritch, however, the superstar dream exploded shortly before the goal. So there will be no DSDS final to be played between two Swiss.

DSDS: only two left

Jesse Ritch was visibly saddened by his departure from DSDS, as he was the one who received constant praise from the jury from the very first episode. And yesterday too, Dieter Bohlen told him: “The door to the final is wide open.” In the end, the pop titan got it wrong and Jesse got kicked out; their competition was simply too strong. Swarm of girls Luca Hänni convinced with versatility: from The Script’s rock song “The Man Who Can’t bei Moved” to DJ Antoine’s disco hit “Ma Chérie” to Silbermond’s love song “Das Beste”. And Daniele Negroni, the 16-year-old with the grater voice, was in no way inferior to his peers: “You have to be a guy and you’re a guy. You are a perfect fit in this business, “judged Bruce Darnell. The DSDS viewers saw him in the same way and voted him and Luca in the next round and therefore also in the last round.

The DSDS final will be exciting, because next Saturday a gentle swarm of girls will meet a little rebel with a squeaky voice.

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