DSDS: Silvia Amaru está ahora junto a su novio

DSDS: Silvia Amaru is now with her boyfriend

DSDS: Silvia Amaru is now with her boyfriend

More successful than single?

wantedthe 07/03/2012 | 10:38

At first, Silivia Amaru wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Now she has changed her mind and told in an interview what led her to make a decision.

Silvia Amaru has made the leap to the second slogan show at DSDS.

She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she’s actually single too, or maybe not? DSDS candidate Silvia Amaru maintained her relationship behind the mountain for a long time, but has now decided to bring the truth to light. Since the last episode “Deutschlad sucht den Superstar”, all fans have known that the 21-year-old has been in a stable relationship for six years. In an interview with “Explosiv Das Magazin”, she explains why she initially decided to keep her relationship a secret on DSDS, but is now being publicly advertised.

Do singles on DSDS have more fans?

Their motives are very simple, as Silvia Amaru openly reveals. She was afraid of having fewer fans if she had a boyfriend as a DSDS candidate. In his opinion, the chances of receiving more calls seemed higher as single. But since the last tagline was shown, it should be clear that this is not the case, because after all, her fans voted her for the next round, despite the relationship. Now she doesn’t think it’s so bad to openly say she has a boyfriend, Silvia confesses.

Kristof Hering is also very open and honest about the fact that he is in a committed relationship, with another man. That didn’t affect their success, either. He was also voted on the second DSDS motto program

It’s kind of sad to hear that the American Idol contestants really think they just have a great chance of winning as singles. Your talent should be in the foreground and not your marital status. They seem to accept that they are denying their partners. What you think? As a single, do you have a better chance of winning the degree on casting shows?

Image source: RTL