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DSDS: tears with Tim David Weller

The evil of love

wantedon 02/13/2013 | 13:24

After long and grueling weeks of casting, “DSDS” is finally back in the sun. On the Caribbean island of Curaçao, the 36 most hopeful candidates face off and battle for one of the coveted spots on the live shows of the tenth season of “DSDS”. It is clear that tears are inevitable. With candidate Tim David Weller, for once, Poptitan Dieter Bohlen is not the cause for sadness.

On the other hand, Tim David Weller, who has a good chance of winning “DSDS”, suffers from a love sickness. After all, the smart blonde who had inspired the jury at the casting of “DSDS” with the song “I Won’t Let You Go” had an argument with her girlfriend shortly before leaving for the Caribbean. “That is a defect in me, I am a very jealous person”revealed Tim David Weller.

DSDS: Tim David Weller suffers from love sickness

The “DSDS” candidate, Tim David Weller, and his roommate Thomas Bobert, before his flight to Curaçao, had tinted that he wanted to hide on the island if he was kicked out of “DSDS.” Has Tim David Weller already talked about despair? Especially since at this point he had not yet read the letter that his girlfriend had given him for the adventure “DSDS”. “I was afraid that if I read the letter in Cologne I would feel so overwhelmed that I would go to the train and say that I would break everything”Tim David Weller confessed.

DSDS: Tim David Weller receives a touching love letter

Well, in the middle of the retirement of “DSDS” and thousands of miles from his girlfriend, Tim David Weller felt invaded by curiosity. With tears in his eyes, the young singer read the lines that his girlfriend had written to him after the discussion. Fortunately, there was no trace of disputes, instead, words of encouragement for the moment in “DSDS”. “I cannot describe my joy at all. It just shows me how much I love this woman. “, Tim David Weller was happy after reading the love letter.

Fortunately, Tim David Weller’s “DSDS” adventure can continue. After the king of the jungle Joey Heindle, the representatives of the next generation “DSDS” seem to have strong women at heart.

Image source: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius