DSDS: No hay vuelta atrás para Vanessa Krasniqi

DSDS: There is no turning back for Vanessa Krasniqi

DSDS: There is no turning back for Vanessa Krasniqi

Finally over and over again

wantedon 03/22/2012 | 16:35

Following her departure from DSDS, Vanessa Krasniqi continues musically. In any case, it excludes the return to DSDS.

Vanessa Krasniqi wants to continue her career after DSDS.

In the latest episode, DSDS, the candidate Vanessa Krasniqi was unexpectedly selected by the audience. A shock for the singer and her fans. And in the last few days he gave a lot of air to his anger, described the casting program as misogynistic and did not let the head of the jury, Dieter Bohlen, speak well. But as soon as he got home, the frustration over the end of DSDS seems to have faded. Now is the time to look to the future and blaze new trails – musical paths, of course.

DSDS is finally over

In an interview with “bild.de”, Vanessa Krasniqi reveals that she has received many excellent offers since leaving DSDS. Apparently bookers and record companies are lining up for the 17-year-old. For his future, he plans to offer a wide portfolio of his artistic abilities: from ballads for gala performances to poppy numbers and house sounds for club appearances, he wants to show it all. Her sound should be international, she says herself, but she can’t (yet) say exactly where it will take her in the future. But one thing is for sure: even if Dieter Bohlen invites her personally, she will never return to DSDS.

Well that’s one word. But after the harsh criticism of DSDS, it’s probably more questionable if Vanessa would ever get another shot at Pop-Titan.

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