DSDS: esos son los tres finalistas

DSDS: those are the three finalists

Big surprise!

wantedon 04/27/2014 | 09:57

Until the very end, the four “DSDS” semi-finalists had to worry about their entry into the grand final on May 3. Daniel Hartwig, who replaced “DSDS” host Nazan Eckes due to illness, made it particularly exciting once again. In the end, the “DSDS” candidate, Richard Schlögl, had to admit defeat. Very few onlookers had called him.

Richard Schlögl has no chance since yesterday to become Germany’s new superstar. But that does not apply to Aneta Sablik, Daniel Ceylan and Meltem Acikgöz: The three talented singers made it to the final big show of “DSDS”! And that’s a bit of a sensation, because in the final seasons of the casting show, traditionally only two candidates were fighting for the title on “DSDS.”

DSDS: These are the three finalists Meltem Acikgöz, Daniel Ceylan and Aneta Sablik

But right at the beginning of yesterday’s “DSDS” program, Dieter Bohlen announced that this time three candidates would go to the final. A huge surprise for the four semi-finalists, who did their best to make their appearances. While ballad queen Meltem Acikgöz, bird of paradise Daniel Ceylan and blonde beauty Aneta Sablik managed to easily convince the “DSDS” jury, competitor Richard Schlögel had it visibly more difficult.

“DSDS”: the motto was “Put your song on stage”

Preparing for yesterday’s show wasn’t easy for the “DSDS” candidates: this time each had to perform two songs and choreograph their second appearance of the night according to the motto “stage your song”. While Aneta Sablik impressed with Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor”, Daniel Ceylan opted for the ballad “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Michael Bolton, with which he also managed to convince the “DSDS” jury. With Marteria’s “Lila Wolken”, Richard Schlögel failed to “touch” the “DSDS” Dieter Bohlen jury. Meltem Acikgöz so ripped the jury off the stool with his self-staged resurrection scene during Evanescence’s song “My Immortal” that he ultimately won the challenge and thus his second car on “DSDS”.It’s still exciting with “DSDS.” Although three candidates can hope to reach the final, the surprise of “DSDS” judge Dieter Bohlen also reduces the chances of the individual finalists, which until now were always 50:50.

Image source: © RTL / Frank Hempel

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