DSDS: ¿Qué estaba pasando en la cama entre Erwin y Jennifer?

DSDS: What was going on in the bed between Erwin and Jennifer?

DSDS: What was going on in the bed between Erwin and Jennifer?

The bed whispers!

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This time around, the DSDS retreat takes place against a dreamy backdrop on Curaçao, where you can develop spring fever even in the middle of the German winter. DSDS jury Mateo trapped candidate Erwin in bed with his duo partner Jennifer. What was happening between the two of them?

Erwin Kintop has a good chance of going far with the current season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. After all, he convinces Dieter Bohlen’s jury with his vote every week. And Jennifer Warren is also one of the favorites on “DSDS”: it was not for nothing that the jury divided the two into a joint duo. With far-reaching consequences, as you can see now on RTL. The “DSDS” jury, Mateo, caught the two candidates after a long night of rehearsals together in bed..

DSDS: What was going on between Erwin and Jennifer?

Jennifer Warren’s roommate, Nora Ferjani, was also in bed with the two of them on “DSDS.” But he downplayed the whole situation, as RTL.de reports: “Erwin slept with us because he practiced with Jenny.” “Are you sure it was about music?” He wanted to hear from Erwin and Jennifer. The two singers owed him an answer.

“DSDS”: Erwin is betraying his girlfriend?

The spice of the bed story: Erwin has a friend at home who was waiting for him during the retreat. In an interview with RTL, he revealed that he missed his girlfriend, but she was still not too bad. “Basically, I just calm down at night. Then at night I think about my family and also about my girlfriend. So of course I miss her too, but not in a way that makes me homesick or hurts so much, “said Erwin, candidate for” DSDS “. Perhaps his duet partner Jennifer will also help him keep nostalgia at bay.. Erwin is totally excited about her. “I get along with her the best of all girls. That is why it is so easy for me, why I am so happy that she is my duo partner “, he was excited to remember” Germany is looking for the superstar “. It was not known if there were any more walks between Erwin and Jennifer during the night. However, Erwin and his girlfriend separated after the withdrawal of “DSDS”. Maybe Jennifer was the reason.

Bed Tales In “Germany Is Looking For The Superstar”: Actually, it’s nice when candidates not only advance their careers, but also find great love in “DSDS.” But if the couple has to suffer it at home, it is not okay!

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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