"DSDS": ¿El programa de casting dará como resultado una nueva pareja?

“DSDS”: Will the casting show result in a new couple?

"DSDS": Will the casting show result in a new partner?

Nora and Ricardo

wantedon 03/01/2013 | 17:30

Nora Ferjani and Ricardo Bielecki from “DSDS” are currently rehearsing their performance on the Caribbean beach. The two “DSDS” candidates get very close and tell “RTL” that they are sexy.

In the Caribbean, “DSDS” candidates are frolicking and rehearsing a lot for their performances, which we can follow on Saturdays at 8:15 pm on “RTL”. For Nora Ferjani and Ricardo Bielecki, it applies to one romantic duet to score when remembering. For some of them, this is not an easy task! Beatrice Egli and Piero Lama want to impress the DSDS jury with their duet for the song “Sommerwein,” but creating the feeling of being in love presents the two of them with a great challenge.

“DSDS”: Ricardo and Nora are very close!

Both Beatrice and Piero are already in good hands, so flirting with “DSDS” isn’t that easy for them. Meanwhile, the rehearsals are completely different. Nora and Ricardo since. The two “DSDS” candidates are both sexy and therefore can put themselves in their roles. Nora Ferjani apparently continues to admit that she is with Ricardo “Imagines” could. Rehearsals unfold accordingly: Singles practice their song in a close embrace, so sparks will shine during their performance as well. “DSDS” candidate Ricardo Bielecki admits he doesn’t have to make an effort: “I have no problems with acting because I know you,” said Ricardo, a “DSDS” candidate.

“DSDS”: Ricardo meets his duo partner “Hammer”.

In addition, Ricardo reveals from “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” that he is his partner “hammer” find. But the interest is not only on your side: “Well, I could imagine something. If my heart were free for someone, then Ricardo would be completely my type: he is tall, he is southern and he has beautiful eyes “, says” DSDS “-Nora. Ultimately, the “thumbs up – thumbs down” game confirms that there is mutual interest. Candidates for the “DSDS” call unanimously admit that they are sexy.

We are curious to see if after Pietro and Sarah – who by the way are newlyweds (reported desired) – another couple will emerge from “DSDS”. You will surely be able to convince the jury with apparently real feelings!

Image Source: (c) RTL / Stefan Gregorowius All the information about `Germany is looking for the superstar` in the RTL.de special.