Debido a la crisis de Corona, Facebook está recibiendo una nueva reacción de "Cuidado"

Due to the Corona crisis, Facebook is getting a new “Watch out” reaction

Due to the Corona crisis, Facebook is getting a new reaction from "Watch out"

Perhaps only until the end of the crisis, but perhaps even beyond that, there will be a new “Watch out” reaction on Facebook. It is supposed to represent care.

For the first time without an expiration date, a new reaction is available on Facebook and Facebook Messenger in addition to the already known six. As one of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook is a hub in human communication, which is why the Zuckerberg empire appears to be taking its task seriously. It may seem like a gimmick, but a longer click or tap on the usual “Love” reaction in Messenger brings you to a yellow face hugging a heart.

There should be an opportunity to “show care and solidarity when commenting on a status update,” Facebook app chief Fidji Simo said in an interview with USA Todaya. If the normal heart does not seem sufficient, it must be changed to the new one. In the normal timeline, the “Caution” symbol appears in a row with thumb, heart, haha, wow, sadness, and anger.

Facebook Messenger is now available, including video telephony as a desktop app for Windows and macOS

In the past, Facebook has already added temporary reactions, for example, a flower on the occasion of Mother’s Day or a rainbow flag for Pride. Initially, the attention reaction exists only on a trial basis, but depending on how Facebook users use it, it will be decided whether it will stick after the crisis.

In addition to those attempts to give the company a friendlier face after data protection scandals and election campaign manipulation, there are also concrete actions. For example, hundreds of thousands of posts with disinformation about Covid-19 were removed and reported to their knowledgeable or uninformed distributors. With the subsidiary WhatsApp, which also belongs to Facebook, the message forwarding options are gradually being restricted.