Dúplex: Google trae asistentes de llamadas a Europa, inicialmente para otras tareas

Duplex: Google brings call assistants to Europe, initially for other tasks

Duplex: Google brings call assistants to Europe, initially for other tasks

Google’s Duplex comes to Europe from the US, but the smart voice computer does not initially accept restaurant reservations for users.

Google dares to cross the pond and the intelligent call assistant called Duplex arrives in Europe. Initially, the availability will be limited to the English language and, sadly, the international market launch is not yet aimed at Germany. Duplex is obviously making progress and that’s just a lot of fun. Duplex is like an intelligent voice computer in the cloud that can do tasks for us. But also for Google, Duplex will initially do other tasks.

The duplex is supposed to do other tasks first

Duplex can, for example, make an appointment with a hairdresser. Fully automatic by phone. We simply tell the computer when this appointment with the hairdresser is best for us. In addition, the system is synchronized with our Google calendar. However, these functions should not be available at the moment; in Europe, Duplex should solve other tasks for now. “It was made clear that the implementation of the duplex function should help Google update the business hours of Google Maps and Search.”

First, Google uses this artificial intelligence a bit differently, but private users can also benefit from this in everyday life. It is still interesting to know if Duplex will be able to be used in multiple languages ​​in the coming years, as in the demo video (below the article).

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