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Dust girl

Dust girl

our movie characters. She is a very impressive girl, it was very nice to shoot with her “

Ed Westwick revealed in an interview with girls.

The shooting of Dust girl have also been – because Ed westwick grew up on skis. The film’s brazen drops weren’t a problem. Of course, there were stunts in the movie too, as well Roxy-Team riders. That not only brings stylish clothing to the big screen, but loads of snowboarding action as well.

And what does Ed say about Roxy’s clothes?All the gear from the movie was great and the ski gear was really great. I liked the style of “Jonny”, it is a little smarter than my private style. I would describe my private style as “casual.” We say: it suits you very well!

How else do Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones work?

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