Tiñe tu cabello de gris tú mismo: ¡así de fácil!

Dye your hair gray yourself – it’s that easy!

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While Grandma’s gaze was viewed with skepticism at the start of her trend wave in early 2015, it is now socially acceptable. It is true that it is a bit paradoxical to purposely give oneself the hair color of an old woman, when we tend to fight so vehemently against the signs of the times. Eccentric celebrities like Lady Gaga or Kelly Osbourne have shown it, and many women and girls are now doing it. If you’ve also decided to dye your hair gray yourself, here’s how to do it!

Video: dye your hair yourself in 9 steps

Our video shows you how you can easily color your hair yourself. I wish you success!

Dyeing your hair gray is a cheeky step, but when a woman thinks of something, she usually wants to impose it. Granny Hair is especially suitable if you want a special hair color that shouldn’t be too flashy. However, you should keep the following in mind:

In general, gray hair cannot be achieved all at once. Your hair should be light blonde or even white first, otherwise gray hair will hardly appear later.

So if you don’t have this initial color, you can’t avoid fading. Dyeing is a tiring process, and if you’re unlucky, the lightening process can also lead to an unwanted yellow tint. This can be easily neutralized later with gray.

If your hair is already very damaged, you can take it easy and lighten it more step by step every few weeks. But expect there is a high probability that you will have to say goodbye to a few inches of your hair., because hair breakage or, in rare cases, hair loss can occur. You should definitely have patience for this! So, think carefully beforehand whether you want to have this procedure done on your hair or whether it is better to go to the hairdresser you trust and get advice there.

Gray hair is very fashionable.

Once your hair has reached the required shine, you are already very close to your grandmother hair goal. Now you have different options to achieve the correct grade:

Tint # 1

Probably the best known dye to turn hair gray is Directions color. Here you can use the Silver * shade to achieve the desired shade of gray. Again, after a few washes, everything is back, but it’s a good opportunity to test the color first.

# 2 refreshing color

Similar to Directions, color air fresheners are a kind of washable dye. They contain pigments and are primarily used to refresh hair color that has already been colored or dyed. However, if you mix Maria Nila Black * with white conditioner, for example, you can achieve a shade of gray and therefore basically dye your hair, but only if your original hair color is not a bleached blonde, because then the result might look strange.

# 3 coloring

Demand is increasing, the market is responding: Finally, there are also products that should permanently immerse your hair in a beautiful gray. For example there is the brand Freedom of color the Metallic Glory range with different shades of gray * for hair.

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# 4 silver shampoo

You can also “dye” your hair gray with silver shampoo by distributing it on dry or slightly damp hair, leaving it to act for a few minutes and then washing your hair as usual. You should repeat this process regularly, with a normal wash with the shampoo in between. Make sure the shampoo is highly pigmented, otherwise the effect is hardly noticeable. My advice: that BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo* from Schwarzkopf Professional, a high-effect styling product. However, since it dries your hair easily (like any silver shampoo), you should also use a nourishing treatment.

# 5 effect conditioner

the White silver fan conditioning effect * it is highly concentrated in purple pigments. Very light blonde hair can get a silver effect if you mix a few drops of the conditioner with water in a spray bottle and use it to spray your hair when it’s damp after washing. However, you should repeat this step after every hair wash.

The result may vary depending on the product and hair structure and may sometimes be uneven or tinged purple when you try it yourself, but if you want to lose gray hair, you have to take this risk. Have you ever dyed your hair gray? We look forward to your experiences and advice in the comments.

A gray tint doesn’t last forever and a coloration also fades over time. Which may be annoying on the one hand, but somehow it also represents a good prerequisite for just being willing to experiment without being overly sorry afterward. However, if you want to keep gray hair for as long as possible, you should regularly use silver shampoo * for washing. By the way, this also helps with blonde hair with a yellow undertone. Tone your hair again after a few weeks, so that more pigments accumulate in the hair and it stays gray for longer.

Also, your hair now needs a lot of maintenance after going through so many chemical processes. You shouldn’t be without cures, hair oils, and masks for a long time. In any case, the hairstyle is particularly important now: the hair must not only be loose, but must be well cut. Steps or waves add texture to the entire look. Also, be sure to wear the right makeup, otherwise you will quickly look sick and tired. Blush, bold lipstick, or strong eyeshadow complete it all.

We’ve rounded up more cool hair color trends for you that you should definitely try now in our image gallery:

Dyeing your hair gray isn’t that easy, but if you really want to try this color, you should do it too. After all, who likes to wait a few decades for hair to look the way you want it on its own?

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