Teñir el cabello de rojo a marrón: ¡sin tinte rojo!

Dyeing hair from red to brown – no red tint!

Dyeing hair from red to brown: no red tint!

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At some point, almost every woman will come to a day when she thinks, “Once you have red hair!” Many dare to experiment, but when they change their minds again and dye their hair brown again, they have trouble with the reddish hue on their head. remove. However, don’t panic, there are a few things you can do about it.

Video: just dye your hair yourself

You can go wrong with hair coloring. However, if you follow the instructions in our video, you will be amazed at the result.

Red pigments are the most stubborn of all hair pigments. Since they are smaller than brown pigments, they are removed from the hair at the end, and therefore (unfortunately) can sometimes stay with us for a long time. Also, most people naturally have red pigments in their hair, and sadly, something can only be done about it with chemical agents. You can take on the fight against the red pigments on your head yourself or put your luck in the hands of a hairdresser, because professionals often know what to do. For everyone else, I have the following tips.

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Red pigments in your hair can be really annoying.

Before dyeing your hair brown, you should try to remove as much red pigment from your hair as possible. You can do this with:

# Hair color remover

A hair color remover will remove unwanted light to medium tones from your hair. As with dyeing, the cuticle of your hair is opened and pigments are removed. This can help reduce the amount of red pigments in your hair.

# Cleansing shampoo

You can find cleansing shampoo at all drug stores. Penetrates deeper into the hair fibers and thus helps to remove the red more and more after several washes. Of course you need a little patience for this. To increase the effect, you should let the shampoo soak in for a few minutes with each wash and lather over and over again. Everything works with dandruff shampoo too!

If you want to ditch your red hair and go brown, you should definitely not go for warm browns when coloring! To neutralize a certain shade of hair, you need its complementary color. In the case of red, it is simply green. That doesn’t mean you should go a punk green shade. Many shades of brown from hairdressers or pharmacies have an ashy tone, that is, cold that red can counteract. By the way, the darker the color, the less red can glow. So if you go black, this is definitely the best way to dye your hair excessively red.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to indicate on the packaging what kind of hue the hair color actually has, but it is useful to pay attention to the names. Because while some brown tones can neutralize the red tint, others just add more red pigments to your hair:

# DO # NO
Ash brown Garnet
Cool brown Warm brown
Natural brown Caramel brown
Nacre brown Noisette
Medium brown Mocha brown
Dark brown golden brown
Dark brown Hazelnut brown

My experience with red dye while dyeing

Katja gajek

My desire for red hair arose when I was a tender teenager. Many years of experimentation followed, in which I colored myself through all kinds of shades of red: from copper to mahogany to bright red. If it did eventually turn out to be a different color, it was hard to deny my past existence as a redhead. Because the red pigments were so dominant that they always glowed even through a dark brown. Hopefully, the tips above can help you.

Of course, the red in your hair can always be seen over time, especially when you are standing in the sun. For me personally, however, the “natural brown” shade helped a lot to go from bright red to neutral brown. However, it took me two to three dyeing processes before I was satisfied with the result. To protect your hair a bit, you can also try an intensive dye every few weeks.