Teñir las puntas de tu cabello: instrucciones para hacerlo tú mismo

Dyeing the ends of your hair: instructions to do it yourself

Dyeing the ends of your hair: instructions to do it yourself

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Do you want to dye the ends of your hair to turn your hair into trendy ombré hair? Nothing easier than this! We have instructions for you on how to get a quick and elegant two-tone look. After all, hairstyles should turn heads …

Video: tips against dry ends

For color accents in the hair to work particularly well, a well-groomed mane is practically a must. After all, who wants colorful lace that later looks fragile and unhealthy? In our video we reveal three simple tips against dry hair!

The two-tone hairstyle: a trend with many names

The two-tone hairstyle is known by different names:

  • “Ombré” (which means a more natural look)
  • Dip Dye (with bright colored tips)
  • “Two-Tone-Hair” (can also look extreme, for example, through a mix of dark brown and blonde)

Why with so many names? Because it is retired every few years and celebrated as a trend with a new name, and a little change in terms of colors. This can be a bit misleading, but it goes to show that if you want to dye the ends or lengths of your hair and leave the roots in their color, then you are guaranteed to be perfect. Because appearance never goes out of style!

Dyeing the ends of your hair does not mean that the difference in color should be particularly noticeable. The ombré look can also look good in a subtle way!

Dyeing the ends of your hair – you need this in preparation

The color you need depends exactly, of course, on the look you want: Do you want it to be a little more natural and your dark hair to have a lighter length? Then it is better to use a mild bleach, which slightly lightens the hair.

On the other hand, do you want an eye-catching color and turn your hairstyle into Rainbow Hair (or Hidden Rainbow Hair?)? So of course you need a bright shade of your choice: pink, turquoise, forest green, what do you want? You can get such brilliant hair colors at Directions, Manic Panic, or Colorista, for example. They usually only last a few washes until they fade, but they are very easy to wear and refresh. If you have naturally blonde hair, you can apply the colors to the ends. If, on the contrary, you have brown or even black hair, you need a previous bleaching for the colorful hairstyle.

In addition to hair color, you will need other tools to color the ends of your hair.:

  • An old t-shirt
  • A brush or comb
  • Hair clips
  • Gloves for dyeing
  • Coloring brush
  • Foil

All ready? Here we go!

Dye the ends of your hair and add a little length? It can also look great!

Dyeing hair yourself: instructions

Remember to allow yourself plenty of time for the DIY project. After all, dye accidents must be avoided! Speaking of which: before you begin, put on your old t-shirt in case some of the hair color goes wrong. Stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom, and then proceed as follows:

  1. He passed: If you want to lighten the ends of your hair, first mix the bleach according to the instructions on the package.
  2. He passed: Put your top hair up to color the bottom layers or tips first. Comb the rest of your hair and divide it into individual thick sections.
  3. Definitely catches the eye – colorful hair ends with dark hair.

    He passed: Now put on your coloring gloves and use the brush to spread the color mixture on your tips. Now you can determine how high you want the color to be, but of course it should stick to the selected length.

  4. He passed: So you go strand by strand and layer by layer of hair. Gently rub color upward to create a smooth transition. Attention: If you have problems in the back of your head, ask a friend for help! Finally, wrap your tips with aluminum foil so the bleach stays wet and can work better.
  5. He passed: Wash off the bleach after the specified time. Check the result beforehand to see if the color is already light enough for your taste. Hello ombré hair!
  6. He passed (All women with light hair who want a brightly colored dip dye enter here!): Once the base is created, light hair, it’s time for the colorful crowning. Apply the color neat or mixed with a walnut-sized scoop of conditioner and leave it on for the time indicated on the package insert.
  7. He passed: Check the tint from time to time. As soon as you like the result, wash your hair. Finished!

By the way: Dyeing the ends of your hair doesn’t just work for long hair. You can also make short hair stand out if you only really color a small part of the ends.

Many things can also go wrong with hair coloring. We have selected 12 typical mistakes to avoid when giving your hair a new color.

Dye the ends of the hair? No problem! Have you tried it yourself and given your hairstyle a coat of shiny paint? Tell us about your experiences and show us some pictures of your colorful hairstyle in the comments.

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