e.Go Life Concept Cross: un runabout urbano como móvil divertido

e.Go Life Concept Cross: an urban runabout as a fun mobile

e.Go Life Concept Cross: an urban runabout as a fun mobile

The Aachen-based automaker e.Go Mobile continues to develop. Even before the Geneva Motor Show started, the company presented the concept study for a fun new car. Based on the standard model of the e.Go Life city car, the e.Go Life Concept Cross electric car is intended to demonstrate that electric mobility is also possible with a crossover design.

e.Go Life Concept Cross: more than just an idea

The e.Go Life Concept Cross, the name already suggests, is still just a concept vehicle. But it is already clear that the e-car should go on sale. And probably already in 2021 in a small limited series.

The manufacturer promises: With a length of only 3.41 meters it is easier to find a parking space, but at the same time the car offers a comfortable SUV height of 1.66 meters. In addition, the vehicle is 1.82 meters wide.

A 72 kW electric motor powers the four-seater. Converted corresponding to 98 hp. For comparison: the standard model of the e.Go Life only offers a power of 60 kW (82 PS) at best. In addition, a larger battery is used than the previous top model e.Go Life 60. Therefore, it would have to have more than 21.5 kWh of battery capacity and more than 139 kilometers of combined electric range according to the WLTP standard.

e.Go Life Concept Cross

However, the manufacturer will only reveal more precise technical specifications at the car show in Switzerland (March 5-15). E.Go Mobile has not yet released any information on a possible pricing for the Cross model. The standard model costs between 17,900 and 21,900 euros with the basic equipment, depending on the power of the engine.

e.Go Life Concept Sport in series production

Also in Geneva, e.Go Mobile shows a close-to-the-series version of the e.Go Life Sport concept vehicle, which was introduced in 2019. The electric motor of this vehicle generates a power of 80 kW (109 hp), a sports chassis , 17-inch alloy wheels, sports seats and a glass cockpit are also on board.

By the way, if you are interested in what the e.Go-Mobile plant in Aachen looks like, we recommend our appropriate report. Because we already had the opportunity to look around on the site and we were also allowed to take some interesting photos in this context.