Más fácil de alcanzar: Chrome obtiene nuevos controles multimedia

Easier to reach: Chrome gets new multimedia controls

Easier to reach: Chrome gets new multimedia controls

Google will soon integrate a new media control into the Chrome browser, and the experimental version is ready for use today.

Google is developing a new media control for the Chrome browser that is much easier to access. So far, there is nothing like this in Chrome, rather the user is dependent on the respective operating system components. In Chrome OS, for example, there is a media control in the notification menu as soon as a media (video, music, etc.) is played. This is pretty handy, but a bit cumbersome and only solved this way for Chrome OS.

Quick access media control for all tabs

A new media control is now available on an experimental basis. To do this, Google is introducing a button that is located in the area of ​​extensions next to the address bar (Omnibar). The rest remember what we already know about Android and Co. For new media control, the user simply clicks the new button, then the most important buttons and a preview image appear. For example, the cover of the musical piece.

Google had even officially announced this innovation, but removed the corresponding post from its own blog. So it could well be that we have to wait a little longer for delivery. Today only the experimental version is available under the chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls flag, which you simply copy to the address bar and then activate.