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Easter Questions: Google Search Queries Have Changed Dramatically

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This Easter everything was and is different, that’s why people asked Google and other search engines on the web completely different questions for the festival.

Spring this year is probably the most fun for Europeans since World War II. Fortunately, there are no bombs flying, rather a virus is spreading. All over the world. In some countries you are no longer allowed to leave, in some countries only to a very limited extent. Living conditions have changed dramatically for many people and that ultimately leads to different behaviors in many areas of life.

Other questions in times of crisis

This includes, among other things, what people search for on Google. Using two charts, Google shows how the top 5 search queries from German users have changed for Easter. In just one year.

  1. Why the Easter bunny on Easter?
  2. What can you do in Berlin at Easter?
  3. How do you organize Easter?
  4. Can you open a bakery on Good Friday?
  5. What should i cook

This year people were busy with completely different questions:

  1. What is allowed at Easter?
  2. Can I go to my mother’s house?
  3. Can I visit my parents at Easter?
  4. Can it be grilled at Easter?
  5. Can you celebrate Easter with your family?

However, during Easter, many were no longer interested in the restrictions and prohibitions. To eat together, which would be possible throughout the year, the families have sat very well at a table during Easter. In larger groups. Exactly what no one should be doing.