Fácil de hacer las bolsas Nikolaus usted mismo, con BIPA

Easy to make the Nikolaus bags yourself, with BIPA

Easy to make the Nikolaus bags yourself, with BIPA


Ohhh dear Nicholas, he will be coming to our house soon. The children have to think about him a lot, what is he going to give them this year?

You probably know Santa’s bright red plastic bags, right? Of course, there is also the greener version of the red paper bag with Santa Claus, which you can buy. But even they usually only last one season. Today i love you one show a very simple version of a sustainable and personalized Santa bag made of fabric that does not require sewing. Even the most talented can easily make these beautiful Santa Claus bags. By the way, I’ve had mine for 30 years and my mom still fills it with chocolate, walnuts, and tangerines every year. This year, BIPA gave me the idea to make my own for Grandma and Grandpa and fill it with their products.

Material for Santa’s sack

  • A light colored cloth sack, preferably with drawstring and made of cotton (no jute)
  • Textile Potch = napkin glue
  • Brush and scissors
  • Napkin with a Christmas symbol that can be easily cut out. That is why it is better to have a contoured figure. I found my napkins at BIPA

This is how the Nikolaussack is made:

  1. Cut out the design from the napkin.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

2. Gently remove the unprinted layers from the napkin. There are generally four layers. You only need the printed top layer.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

3. Put some newspaper in the cotton bag to prevent the two sides of the fabric from sticking together.

4. Now place the napkin motif on the cotton sack.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

5. Now carefully coat the napkin with the napkin glue. Start from the middle and stroke outward. As soon as the entire design is brushed out it takes a few hours to dry.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

6. If after drying there are still loose spots where the napkin is not attached to the bag, you can go over it again with the glue.

7. Carefully remove the newspaper. If you want, you can write the children’s names on the finished Santa Claus bag with a textile pen.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

And then you can start filling:

Since I still get a Santa Claus bag from my mom, this year we made one for Grandma and Grandpa. As a kind of thanks for your support. In BIPA I found the contents of Santa’s bag: in addition to tangerines, nuts and chocolate, which simply cannot be missing, Santa Claus gives you moments of relaxation this year. From the cracked BI CARE ointment, with which I always cream my feet at night, to the BI CARE winter shower cream, the Q10 face and eye creams and the BI GOOD men’s shower gel special for grandfather.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

I have already given the children some of the contents of their bags.

Of course, there are traditionally some walnuts and tangerines here too. I also found lovely braided bracelets and a headband in BIPA. There’s also a BI KIDS strawberry tea and some bath salt animal bags, perfect for warming up after the kids have played outside.

By the way, I especially like bi good Kids line by BIPA. These are not only “good” for the body, but also “good” for the environment: All care products are packaged, vegan, and environmentally friendly. They are produced without synthetic fragrances, silicones, microplastics, without additives and hormonally effective ingredients based on mineral oil. In the natural cosmetics line you will find everything, from products for pregnancy and baby care to baby shower gel, comb spray or dental gel … everything you need every day. (By the way, there are also many good bi products for both adults and the home.)

Of course, chocolate shouldn’t be missing either. And probably a book will also find its way into Santa’s little bag. One particularly beautiful one caught my eye lately. I’ll show it to you soon at #mittwochistbuchvorstellungag.

Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing Make Nikolaussack yourself without sewing

Do you also make your own Santa Claus bags? Try my version. It goes really fast, I promise.

Much love, Lisbeth

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