Ebay activa el modo oscuro para la aplicación de Android

EBay reduces the sales commission to just € 3 [Wieder verfügbar]

Ebay activates dark mode for Android app

Ebay reduces the commission required for the sale of most products to a maximum of just € 3. Now, it’s worth selling!

Ebay is reducing the sales commission to a maximum of only 3 euros for the next week. Anyone who discontinues a product, such as a used smartphone for an upcoming purchase, will only have to pay a maximum of 3 euros to the platform for a successful sale. This applies to almost all categories, but larger sales such as road, water and air vehicles are excluded. The promotion is valid until Monday (December 9, 2019, 11:59 pm).

What do I get with this price promotion?

  • No offer fee and a maximum sales commission of 3 euros per offer if you bid on ebay.de during the campaign period below
  • Valid for up to 100 listed items, as long as your sales limit allows
  • Note: Items with the term “pending cancellation” must be sold within the first 30 days. Items that were discontinued with the “automatic replenishment” option must be sold within the first term (maximum 10 days for auctions, maximum 30 days for fixed price offers). After that, the full sales commission must be paid.