Echo 2013: Frei.Wild es eliminado de la lista

Echo 2013: Frei.Wild is removed from the list

Echo 2013: Frei.Wild is removed from the list


wantedon 03/08/2013 | 09:56

After protests from gangs like MIA. and Kraftclub, rock band Frei.Wild is removed from the list of nominations for the 2013 Echo awards. South Tyrolese were previously accused of right-wing ideas by their co-nominees.

Actually, the MIA band. Happy for the nomination for a 2013 Echo, until all five members of the group saw their co-nominees, the band Frei.Wild. “Today we were very happy, but unfortunately only very briefly, for our ECHO nomination, as Frei.Wild is a band among the current nominees, whose worldview we find stinksAnnounced the electro-pop band from Berlin.

Kraftclub can now expect to be nominated for a 2013 Echo

MISSING IN ACTION. they weren’t the only ones who protested against the Frei.Wild group. He too Chemnitz Kraftclub Band had rejected his nomination for a 2013 Echo after the co-nominees became known. The five boys justified this with the fact that they “didn’t want to be named in that row” alongside Frei.Wild.

Echo 2013 now without scandal?

Now those responsible have announced that they will exclude the rock band Frei.Wild from the echo of 2013. “In the last days fierce controversy surrounding Frei’s nomination.which was based on the evaluation of the list, which overshadowed the entire echo and thus all other artists and bands as well, ”said Florian Drücke, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI). Another scandal surrounding the Echo 2013 is no longer to be expected, even the excluded gang is conciliatory. “Echo of echo !!! We wish all the remaining bands a lot of fun and we look forward to the tour, ”said Frei.Wild on his Facebook page. “Thanks to everyone for your support. Fortunately we have not yet booked a flight. “

We are happy that Echo 2013 can now focus on artists and their music! However, we are still interested to know if only MIA., Kraftklub, Unheilig and the Doctors are nominated now in the category “Rock / National Alternative” or if someone will be nominated later.

Image Source: Andreas Rentz / Gettyimages