Echo 2013: Escándalo por Frei.Wild!

Echo 2013: Scandal for Frei.Wild!

Echo 2013: Scandal for Frei.Wild!


wantedon 03/07/2013 | 15:13

The organizers of the Echo Awards probably weren’t expecting this: After nominating the controversial band Frei.Wild, more and more artists are canceling their participation in the musical event.

The South Tyrolean band Frei.Wild has a reputation for spreading far-right ideas through their music. – something that does not seem to worry the organizers of the “Echo”.

Mine. I don’t want to echo

Why Frei.Wild was nominated for the Echo for the first time in 2013 in the category “Rock / National Alternative”. – which has made the remaining artists represented in the same category like Kraftklub, Mia and Die Ärzte now want to stay away from the event. Kraftklub was the first to withdraw its nomination, followed by Mia.who have acted against the law since the beginning of their careers. “We were very happy today, but unfortunately only very briefly, for our Echo nomination, as Frei.Wild, a band whose worldview we think sucks, is among the current nominees.”Mia announced via Facebook.Echo 2013: outcry against the right

And even one of the most successful German bands seems to have nothing to do with the echo: The doctors, who created the anthem against National Socialist sentiments with “Cry of love”, now also rejected the award. “Hi guys, at the” most important German music award “is once again a politically questionable gang has been nominated. As we were never interested in the echo anyway and our political position should be sufficiently known, the rest of the work is in the hands of judges who are certainly wise. Greetings, your favorite band, ”it said on the band’s home page. The reaction of the bands Unheilig and Die Toten Hosen that remained in the category, as well as the reaction of Frei.Wild himself, is now waiting impatiently.

We think it’s great that Mia., Die Ärzte, and Kraftklub are campaigning so constantly against the right wing, and we’re curious to see if this will make the Echo organizers reconsider!Image Source: Getty Images / Sean Gallup