Ed Sheeran: las amenazas de muerte son normales para él

Ed Sheeran: death threats are normal for him

Ed Sheeran: death threats are normal for him

Threats of death

wantedon October 16, 2014 | 10:06

What sounds like a tacky joke to our ears, it seems like Ed Sheeran has to deal with it on a regular basis. The sensitive Brit is no longer afraid of death threats, they no longer even bother him.

Every celebrity can tell you a thing or two about the fact that life in the limelight is by no means a walk in the park. In addition to high salaries and general recognition there is always someone who criticizes you -I wish he would keep the criticism!

Ed Sheeran doesn’t care about death threats

Ed Sheeran apparently has to deal with death threats on a regular basis, the sympathetic Briton reported in an interview with The Guardian. But Such attacks no longer seem to scare the 23-year-oldrather, Ed Sheeran sees it as a necessary evil.Ed Sheeran reacts with sarcasm

He has always made music, but with Ed Sheeran’s success came those who cannot relate to him and his soulful songs. Since suddenly becoming a pop star in June 2011, everything has gone “totally crazy.”Ed Sheeran explained in an interview with The Guardian. Even the worst form of hostility doesn’t spoil your mood. “I got a couple of death threats at first. It’s not the best way to start the day, ”Ed Sheeran joked sarcastically to the Guardian.

We cannot understand why a pop star is threatened with death. And you really can’t dislike the sensitive Ed Sheeran, or how do you see him?Image Source: David Becker / Getty Images for iHeartMedia