A Ed Sheeran no le importa cómo se ve

Ed Sheeran don’t care what he looks like

Ed Sheeran don't care what he looks like

Thick cloth?

wantedon 04/29/2014 | 13:35

Ed Sheeran fans are eagerly awaiting his new album “x”, which will be released on June 23rd. And even with his live performances, the sympathetic redhead can hardly save himself from hysterical fans. In the eyes of many observers, the singer doesn’t seem like a typical superstar, giving Ed Sheeran himself a healthy dose of relaxation.

Since his debut album “+”, with which Ed Sheeran burst onto the international charts in 2011, the Brit has been one of the biggest numbers in the music business. The soulful singer-songwriter doesn’t think his appearance may have played a role. “I don’t think he sold records because of his appearance”Ed Sheeran joked in an interview with “Q” magazine.

Ed Sheeran feels no pressure

While other stars in the music business have to stick to their fitness regimens to stay in shape, Ed Sheeran is relieved of this burden. After all, the 23-year-old became famous mainly thanks to his outstanding voice and delicate texts. “That is positive because it means that I can become thick cloth as I get older. It doesn’t matter, ”Ed Sheeran revealed.Ed Sheeran can’t complain about its effect on women

Ed Sheeran also alludes to his unusual appearance in his new song “Take It Back,” but at the same time informs in the lyrics about a mysterious one-night stand he wishes he had experienced with a Hollywood star. The redhead didn’t want to reveal who she was exactly. “I am British, so I have to be a gentleman in these situations and not mention names,” Ed Sheeran explained. “But you know what? I spent a year in America and I did what any young man would do, and that was Hollywood life. “

Ed Sheeran impressively proves that you can’t call yourself “Mr. Universum ”must have been born to be successful in the music business. A guitar, a good voice and a little creativity can sometimes be enough …

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