Ed Sheeran ya no entiende el mundo

Ed Sheeran no longer understands the world

Ed Sheeran no longer understands the world

Music vs. Look

wantedthe 22/09/2014 | 11:52

Ed Sheeran has performed all over the world. Actually, nothing should surprise the 23-year-old on stage. However, Ed Sheeran is always surprised by his fans …

As individual as each concert is, the rules are clearly defined, according to Ed Sheeran: With the old hits, the applause is the biggestAudiences typically first audio-sample new hits before singing them out loud. But with Ed Sheeran it’s the other way around!

Ed Sheeran gives it his all at his concerts

As Ed Sheeran now reveals in an interview with “The Oakland Press”, his fans are completely excited every time the singer conjures up a new song from his hat. “The thing that surprises me the most when I look at the artists and their old songs are generally better received than the new ones because people are not as familiar with the new ones,” Ed Sheeran said of his surprise with his fans in an interview. . “New songs not on the radio are more popular than hits!

Ed Sheeran is proud of his fans

This fact should come as no surprise to Ed Sheeran, after all, with his new album “X” he is currently conquering the top of the charts worldwide. However, the likeable Brit is always surprised by the vigor and dedication of his fans, whom he especially appreciates for their good taste in music.. “That’s great!” Ed Sheeran said in an interview with “The Oakland Press” about the enthusiasm for the new tunes. “That means people believe in the artist, not just a song.To the delight of his fans, the redhead also revealed that he had ‘a ton’ of new songs up his sleeve that he wanted to release one by one.

It turned out exactly how Ed Sheeran had always dreamed of: his fans adore him for his music and don’t care about his looks or chart hits. However, Ed Sheeran can brag about it too!

Image source: gettyimages / Kevin Winter