Ed Sheeran publica el tracklist de su nuevo álbum

Ed Sheeran publishes the tracklist of his new album

Next album

wantedon 04/10/2014 | 15:39

At least since his latest worldwide hit “I See Fire,” which Ed Sheeran wrote for the second part of the “Hobbit” trilogy, the redhead’s next album should be one of the most anticipated albums of the year. At the same time, the 23-year-old knows how to fuel the anticipation even more. Ed Sheeran posted the track list for his new album on his Instagram account.

Ed Sheeran piques curiosity

2013 will definitely go down in history as the year Ed Sheeran also made his international breakthrough. The Briton not only achieved huge chart success with “I See Fire,” but also toured world history with country star Taylor Swift as a supporting act. The time when Ed Sheeran was satisfied with being in the second row should definitely have ended this year at the latest.

Ed Sheeran is not only planning his own European tour for the fall, but he also wants to release his second studio album “x” on June 23, which his fans are already eagerly awaiting. After the first single “Sing” by the singer-songwriter along with Pharrell Williams produced, it was recently featured, Ed Sheeran now fuels curiosity even more – he posted the track list for the upcoming album on his Instagram account.Ed Sheeran: his new album will consist of 12 songs

Ed Sheeran shows his song list

Ed Sheeran announced the names of his 12 new hits on his photo with little notes. The thoroughbred musician almost completely dispenses with long empty phrases. Instead, the cute redhead works with mysterious titles like “Tenerife”, “Nina” or “Bloodstream”, which are already making you want more. Since Ed Sheeran’s new album will finally be released in the summer, his fans will have to wait a while until the story behind the tracks is told.

With the release of the tracklist, Ed Sheeran has once again increased the curiosity of his fans. After all, they have been waiting for new songs from the British for years. “I See Fire” and “Sing” are just a small preview.

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